• BCA Beacon Checkers

    We have worked with Backcountry Access for over a decade to ensure the world has access to Avalanche Safety products like BCA Beacon Checkers.

  • Custom Signs

    By working with the best Avalanche Safety organizations over the past decade, we have optimized the awareness signs for the best messaging. If the sign says Are You Beeping? you know where it came from.

  • Solar Powered Solutions

    We have perfected a solar power solution over the years by focusing on capacity over winter storm cycles, and a lightweight solution that can be easily carried to the sign install site. No more carrying large car batteries into the field!

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With the increase in avalanche accidents across the West over the past decade, a public outreach campaign was needed for back country entrance areas.

We started in the Pacific Northwest in 2009 in cooperation with King County Search and Rescue, Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center, the US Forest Service, WSDOT, and the Summit at Snoqualmie Ski Resort, launching our first installation of new avalanche awareness signs.

Over a decade later and now deployed in hundreds of locations around the world, we have optimized the graphics to solar power and also manufacturer the Beacon Checkers for BCA. The hope is to continue to spread the word, deploy in as many locations as possible, and make it easy for resorts and non-profit groups to acquire and deploy these and save lives.

Where it all began...