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Are You Beeping

BCA Beacon Checker

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** Due to a backlog of orders and supply chain issues, the current Beacon Checker lead-time is 3-4 weeks. Place your order now to secure your place in line. **

BCA Beacon Checker

  • Powered via 12 VDC
  • Includes global 120-240VAC power supply
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Brightness and Range controls
  • Configurable for low-power battery mode

The BCA Beacon Checker is an exciting product that not only ensures safety but promotes the use of avalanche transceivers. This compact and weatherproof box is mounted at backcountry access points, ski patrol headquarters, alpine huts and other points where transceivers are used.

BCA Tracker technology inside detects whether the closest user’s beacon is transmitting.
This is indicated with a green “O” or red “X”. Includes a sensitivity control, dimmer, audible buzzer, and outputs for gate latches and other mechanical devices. Great for promoting beacon use in your area!

Supplied with mounting hardware and a 120V-240V International AC Power Adapter.
Can also be run directly from 12V DC power supplies, solar panels, and lead-acid/AGM batteries.

BCA Beacon Checker Manual

BCA Beacon Checker Data Sheet